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Rocket Men 4

Rocket Men 4 VHS Video  


This is THE crash and burn video. From the start you're immersed in disaster with the thrilling crash and burn music video. Awesome! Watch Bill Morrow crash his beautiful two staged, 12 feet (3.7 meters) tall E-Ticket Rocket. See Gary Berg pile drive his 3 J engine clustered Flame Out. Guess what happens to Daun Barber's lovely 11 foot (3.4 meters) tall Excalibur. He destroys it! How about the maxi Star Wars X Wing Fighter? You'll fall off the chair laughing after seeing the owner's reaction to the flight. Besides the crash and burn mayhem, get ready for Rocket Tips. Rocketeers share solutions to your basic rocketry problems. Their unusual ideas for reducing aerodynamic drag, recycling rocket wreckage, eliminating tools by using available resources, alternative rocket fuels, and minimizing safety hazards are hilarious. The master aerial film maker, Ray Dunakin, closes Rocket Men 4. You'll enjoy 3 flights from his rocket's perspective. You'll love the Rocket Men and the zany rocket assortment.

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